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How to Start Exercising and Stick to It

It is important to start your weight loss plan with the right mind set or perspective. You will have more success if you realize that “a new you” is a lifestyle change with long lasting behavior modifications that have to be made.

Step 1 is to make sure that you have self-efficacy, or confidence in yourself to know that you will succeed.

Step 2 is to make exercising very important in your life. Add it to your list of things to do each day. Make it as important as eating, or spending time with your family. Taking care of you is important. A better, more energetic you will be appreciated at home as well as work.

Step 3, set your goals. Determine what you want to accomplish in 30 days, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Your 1-year goal should be a larger overall goal. An example is reducing your need for medication or reducing your reducing your risk for chronic diseases or cancer.

Step 4 is to champion your own cause. Make it a major event in your life. Tell supportive friends and relatives about your new lifestyle change and ask for encouragement along the way. Having the right support will provide the right amount of encouragement and accountability you will need. Don’t think about exercising just to fit in a bikini or your favorite pair of jeans. Also, don’t exercise to lose an unrealistic amount of weight around a holiday, vacation or an event where you want to look good. You may set yourself up for failure when you try to have extreme results in a short amount of time. These events can be small milestones or steps along the way to your larger goal. Taking pictures of yourself at different points in the year can also be used to see how far you have progressed.

Step 5, find exercises that you like. A great way, if you are a member of a gym, is to try the different group aerobics classes. Find 2-3 classes that you like and make them a part of your daily schedule. To also help you succeed, find activities for each season. For instance, if you do not like exercise outside when cold, try indoor activities that will keep you motivated. Indoor rock climbing, kettlebell workouts, and indoor pool workouts are all great examples. If you are having trouble with staying motivated, hire a trainer. He or she can help provide motivation and accountability you need. Finally, just as Nike says, get off of the couch and just do it. There is no better time to start than right now. Good luck!

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