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  1. How do I lose fat around my midsection?

    Losing weight around your midsection requires a proper diet, cardio, and resistance training. Focus on making your body a calorie burning machine through increasing your lean muscle mass and engaging in at least 4 days or cardio for 1 hour. You can focus some of your workout time on ab exercises, but that alone won’t help you lose the weight . Check out our ab exercises for your to do at home on in the gym

  2. How do I build muscle in my chest?

    Incorporating weighted and body weight chest exercises in your workout plan is a great way to build a strong, well-toned chest. Do exercises like push-ups, bench press, and chest fly for 3 sets of 15 reps. Resting your muscles is just as important as fatiguing them. Muscles need approximately 24 hours to rest fully.

  3. How do I build muscle in my arms?

    Building muscle in your arms involves resistance exercises the targets your biceps and triceps. Start by performing 2-3 exercises for each muscle. Rest for approximately 30-60 seconds between sets. Click here to see a muscle toning Arm workout

  4. What is the quickest way for losing 10 pounds fast?

    We get this question a lot during our consultations. Losing weight fast is not healthy or long term. Fasting, eliminating a food source (i.e carbohydrates) will only give you temporary results. Instead, focus on losing 1-2lbs a week through exercising and proper nutrition. Click here for a healthy grocery checklist to

  5. How do I get slimmer thighs?

    A great pair of legs is not hard to obtain. The best exercises to slim your thighs are squats and lunges. Use light weights and perform 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps. Cardio like running or using the elliptical machine gives you great looking thighs while slimming the entire body.

  6. What can I do for sore muscles?

    Sore muscles are the result of stressing or working your muscle tissues beyond what your used to. This is normal and should be subside in a few days. To help ease the pain stretch every day, ice and anti-inflammatory medicine. Most of all keep moving! This keeps you from feeling stiff

  7. How can I get stared and stick with a fitness program?

    Congratulations! You are ready to become a fitter, healthier you. Getting started is easy. Sticking to an exercise program proves to be more difficult. A tip to stick to your fitness goals is to find physical activity you like to do. Additionally, make your health a priority. Find the best time of day to exercise and stick to it. This helps create a healthy habit

  8. I stopped losing weight? What is wrong?

    Nothing is wrong. This can be typical during your long term fitness and health journey. Most people call it a weight loss plateau. When this happens, don’t panic. Change up your cardio or try a new class. To keep the scale moving in the right direction keeps your body guessing by trying new exercises.

  9. How can I lift my butt?

    Squats, lunges and deadlifts are great exercises to lift, tone and shape your glutes. Biking, running/walking are also great exercises

  10. I just can’t find time to get in a gym. What exercises can I do at home?

    Check out our articles and videos for great at home exercises

Interval Training
Cardiovascular exercise simply means that you’re involved in an activity that raises your heart rate to a targeted rate level. Your target heart rate will vary based on your body type and your age. Here is why cardio is so important:Very effective way to burn calories and help you lose weight
Makes your heart strong so that it doesn’t have to work as hard
Increases your lung capacity
Reduces your risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure & diabetes
Reduces stressInterval training is a type of training that involves bursts of high intensity work. The high intensity is alternated with periods of rest or low activity. Interval training can be done on any track or field. Simply choose your track. Then start with a light jog to warm up for 2 minutes.
Then run as hard and as fast as you possibly can for 60 seconds. Give yourself 60 seconds of rest and repeat again. Repeat this as many time as you can, or until you complete a full 30 minutes of sprints and rest-walking of 45 seconds each.For Example:
2 Minutes Warm UP
15 X 10 second sprints
45 seconds rest between rounds

Cardiovascular Training 101
Jumping Rope
Jumping rope is one of the best overall cardiovascular exercises. It provides a number of health benefits: not only does it burn calories and fat, but it also helps develop good coordination between the hands and feet, as well as rhythm. Jumping rope is inexpensive and you can do it just about anywhere.Jumping rope has been shown to burn hundreds even 1000 calories per hour. Professional boxers use this exercise to develop cardiovascular endurance and stamina.
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