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Fast At Home Ab Workouts

Fast At Home Ab Workouts -Kevin Peoples

Welcome to premier Atlanta personal trainers offering a  full service personal training team. Our courteous and professional staff has served Atlanta, Lithonia, Decatur, Dunwoody women and men for over 10 years, with results worth boasting about. Now offering multiple great locations to serve you.

Certified personal trainer, Kevin Peoples provides exception personal training services including personal training,sports specific training, boot camps, in home personal training, basketball training, football training, and more. In this video he offers fast at home ab workout that will help you target your abs in a way like never before. Target your upper abs, middle abs, lower abs, and obliques.

At Home Ab Workout:

Double Crunch 15 Reps X 3 Sets
Prone Plank Oblique with Kick 10 Reps X 3 Sets

Exercise #1: Double AB Crunch- while keeping abs pulled in and shoulders down, lift legs off the floor. Bring knees to the chest. Perform 20 reps. For a more advanced move rotate your hips as you bring your knees to your chest. This move engages your abs and your triceps.

Exercise #2: Prone Plank Oblique with Kick- in push up position, keep hips down and back flat. Bring right knee through to left side while rotating your hips. Bring leg back to middle then kick leg out to the side engaging your sides. Perform 10 reps then switch to left leg.




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