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Exercise and Yoga to Reduce Lower Back Pain

As more and more people ask more and more from their bodies, injuries to their bodies are becoming a normal part of our society.  Things like vigorous interval training and extreme endurance races like mud runs are becoming commonplace.  Also there is an increase in the popularity of extreme sports like X Games that involve great risk of injury. Even traditional sports like football and baseball can result in cringe inducing videos of athletes getting hurt. 


If these people, arguably in top physical condition, can get hurt, you and I don’t stand much of a chance do we?  Sadly, lower back pain is a part of many people’s lives. That’s why exercises and yoga stretches for lower back pain are becoming increasingly popular with every passing day. Yoga stretches, along with normal bodily exercise, are certainly a good route to go; when you are suffering from lower back pain.


Yoga is a form of exercise that comes in many different forms.  At its foundation, yoga encourages a joining of the spirit and physical body.  There are many disciplines and classes offered that anyone from a beginner to advanced athlete can find a class that suits their needs.


When you combine exercise and yoga stretches for lower back pain together, you get two excellent tools in your arsenal of healing. Exercise is great for building up strength and endurance. Yoga is perfect for maintaining elasticity and flexibility; two great attributes every muscle should have. 


Elasticity will allow your muscles to extend and flex over and over again without causing any tears. Flexibility is needed when you need to over extend or over flex your muscles. It allows them to twist and turn whenever you need them to. Where most people would strain or sprain a muscle, yoga keeps your muscles limber enough to handle the task without injury.


Bodily exercise and yoga stretches for the lower back help not only the part of your lower back that’s causing pain. But they help the entire rest of your body, too.  Any type of exercise can get your heart rate up.  An increased heart rate can help you burn off calories and fat, resulting in a leaner, stronger you.  It can also keep your entire cardiovascular system running more effectively, letting your heart pump more efficiently.  That can lead to less chance of a heart attack down the road. 


Much like exercise, whenever you do yoga, you will be using more than just your lower back muscles.  All of your muscles will receive the benefits of yoga as you move from one yoga position to the next.  Each of your muscles will become more limber and flexible, allowing all of them to twist and bend more smoothly and efficiently whenever you require it.

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