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Daily Calorie Counter Atlanta, Ga

Do you know how many calories in pizza you just ate?  How many calories do you need to eat per day?  Did you meet your daily caloric needs? There is a delicate balance between calories consumed and calories expended.  In order to lose weight, you have to expend more calories than you consume.  Simple enough.  However, you can easily fall in the weight loss trap of not eating enough calories to support weight loss.  Therefore, you have to make sure you are eating enough calories.  It is hard to count calories in your busy lifestyle. We at CPT Fitness have made it easier for you.  On our this page you will find a calorie counter that will save all the foods you record for the day.  Using a calorie counter is essential to ensuring you are on the right track to achieving your fitness goals.


Kilograms: measurement of weight. 1 kilogram equals approximately 2.2 pounds

Stone: unit of measurement of body weight mainly used in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 1 stone is equal to 14 pounds

Calorie: measurement of food energy


Pounds to kilograms: weight in pounds divided by 2.2

Feet into cm: 1 foot is equal to 30.5 cm

Pounds to stone: weight in pounds divided by 14

Steps To Use The Calorie Counter

1) Click on the “Measure” button, Enter your age, gender, how physically active you are, weight in kilos and  height in centimeters
2) Click the “OK” button

You now will see how many calories you need to consume a day to maintain where you are. If you are looking to lose weight, a good measure of how many calories you should consume in one day is to subtract 500 calories from the number above.  To lose 1 pound of body fat a week, you need to consume 3500 less calories (500 calories x 7 days).  One this screen you will see what your BMI and how you compare to normal weight, overweight, obese or underweight BMI scale.  You can scroll over the bars in the chart to see the average BMI in each category.

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