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Greg Hamilton - Certified Personal Trainer Cincinnati Greg Hamilton is a Certified Master Personal Trainer in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. He started his Fitness journey in August of 2015, as a challenge to himself. At that time, he just wanted to get in better shape as he approached his 30th birthday the following year. Greg never thought he would fall in love with fitness, but he is glad that he did.

Growing up in Cincinnati, there were lots of obstacles Greg had to overcome. The inner city (where he grew up) was consumed with violence, drug abuse and poverty. These are all conditions that do not usually lead to successful outcomes. However, Greg was fortunate to have his parents in his life, and did not let his environment get the best of him.

Greg graduated from Walnut Hills High School in 2004; this is the Number 1 academic school in the state of Ohio. While there, he studied both Latin and Spanish. Greg credits Walnut Hills for his ability to stay on task and be comfortable around people from all different cultures and backgrounds.

After Walnut Hills, Greg went on to Wright State University where he studied Mass Communications and Psychology. Greg was President of the Student Union for two years, and a leader among his peers and colleagues on campus. He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2010.

Greg has always had a passion for people. He has worked at several nonprofit organizations in the Cincinnati area, in a variety of roles centered around mentoring and leadership. It was not until 2016 that Greg considered being a Fitness Trainer. What made him consider training was, he knew that he loved it for himself, and he wanted to help others feel the way he felt as a result of improving his overall health.

Being certified since June and training since July, Greg has already worked with youth, elders, and people with disabilities. He offers one on one and group training to his clients, as well as outdoor and indoor options. He has coined the phrase, “Train With Me, Change Your Life” and says that he truly believes anyone who trains with him on a consistent basis will have a life changing experience. He wants to build people’s confidence, remind people of the importance of living a healthy life, and make Fitness a trend in his city.

It would have been easy for Greg to get in the best shape of his life (as he is now) and just YBF Fitnessbe happy with his own results. However, the type of person that he is wouldn’t allow him to not want to share his gift and knowledge with others. Greg doesn’t believe in keeping things to himself that will truly help and empower others, he has always preferred to be a giver and a provider for hope and change. He also said that taking initiative to improve his overall health was the biggest and most beneficial decision of his life thus far. “It is one thing to look good, but it’s even better when you Feel good”, says Greg. His training style includes a mix of strength training, high intensity training, cardio, and resistance training (with no weights).

If he would have known the doors fitness would open, and the positive impact it would have on his mental state, this would have been a part of his lifestyle years ago. However, at 31 years old, Greg believes he is at the prime of his life and is ready to take Fitness training to the next level. His company, YBF Fitness, will forever be his pride and joy and he will do whatever it takes to help as many people as possible improve their health and wellness.


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