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Mind To Muscle Connection – How To Think Yourself Strong?

Mind To Muscle ConnectionThe mind to muscle connection is a tool that can be used by anyone tone muscle sooner and increase their power. In this article, we will discuss how to think yourself strong. Everything we do-a movement or something we say- begins with a thought. The thought originates in the mind, which is controlled by brain and spinal cord. Our brain tells our body what to do, how to do it, and with what intensity using the spinal cord. The brain communicates via electrical signals to the spinal cord that transmits to our our muscles. The signals recruit-stimulates-muscle fibers to prepare for the movement. For example, you are about to pick up a box. Your brain will send a signal that will travel to the spinal cord, through the nerves of the arms and legs, the muscles will contract, and you to pick up the box. This is done involuntarily.

This process is what happens everyday, without a second thought. However, this process can be harnessed and used for specific gain. How, you ask? Mind to muscle connection! Essentially taking yourself off of autopilot, thinking about the muscles you want to target, in turn stimulating more muscles fibers at a time during muscle contraction. When more muscle fibers are stimulated, it means seeing muscle tone sooner and increasing power. Power means strength. No matter your fitness level, you have this at your disposal simply because its already happening. The goal is to make it intentional. “Often times, many neglect this mind to muscle connection to certain muscles. They’re leading to imbalances and/or underdevelopment of that muscle. This is when the mind muscle connection becomes important.” – (The Importance of the Mind-Muscle Connection When Working Out  by Austen Gravett  Jul 22, 2015)

Imbalances created by unconsciously compensating for an injury or temporary pain, if not corrected, become apart of your daily movement. When you pay attention to your body, your form improves, which makes your secondary muscles strong. The secondary muscles support the movement of the primary muscles which do majority of work during exercise. The primary movers during squatting are the glutes for hip extension and the quads for knee extension; they are supported by secondary muscles of the abs and back. The stronger the foundation, the more the body can do which yields the maximum results minimizing injury. Remember, whether you think you can, or you think you can not, you are right. So choose yourself, get off autopilot, put yourself first, and think yourself strong.

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