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Live Healthier & Longer Through Cardio Exercise

A sensible diet along with Cardio Exercise is one of, if not the best way, to burn calories. If you increase your heart rate 65-80 percent its norm, (all the while maintaining that rate for 10 to 12 minutes), your body will awaken the production of fat burning enzymes. Not only will you begin to shed those unwanted pounds but you will also strengthen your heart, and boost the ability of your lungs to oxygenate your blood more proficiently. Typically people lift weights in order to build muscle mass; the heart and how it works coincides along those same lines. The more activity your heart sees through Cardiovascular training the stronger it becomes (weight lifting equates to larger muscles, just as cardio equates to a stronger healthier heart). With such activity you strengthen your heart and reduce your risk of suffering such things as heart attacks, strokes, and cardiovascular disease.

Aerobic exercise increases brain activity and is known to improve: cognitive processing velocity, general motor skills, eyesight and hearing. Improvements in your respiratory system correlate with advancements in your body’s cognitive functions- in particular your motor skills. Normal activity will also help slow down the aging process and improve mental progression. Studies have shown that a cardio program in which you dedicate approximately 15-30 minutes a day, (at least three times a week), can reduce your risk for illnesses that affect the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a win/win situation; you reduce your risk from various diseases that negatively affect the brain, and alleviate some of the effects of stress and addictive cravings, (chocolate cake repellent). Aerobic exercise helps the neurotransmitters while increasing the amount of serotonin and dopamine to the body.

Work related stress is one of the leading causes of heart attacks and strokes. That’s why working out in general is good for you! Aside from what it does for your body, heart, and head; it can be very enriching to your life. Cardio and aerobic exercise is a self-care strategy that could aid in conquering disorders such as major depression and bi-polar disorder. And as previously mentioned cardio exercise helps increase the amount of serotonin to your brain. With a normal routine of cardio training, a healthy diet, and a positive outlook-you increase your chance for living a longer stress free life.

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