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Holiday Weight Loss – Lose Weight During Holiday Season

Holiday weight loss is becoming a new thing for families across America,  find out how Certified Personal Trainers can help you lose weight during the holiday season. I know what you are thinking, the holidays are quickly approaching. The shopping, the parties, vacations and weight gain. Ughh! For far too long, people have associated the holiday season with less exercise and bulging bellies.  You can avoid gaining an extra 1 to 7 pounds by setting boundaries and goals.

To get through the holidays, create three goals: a large (macro) goal, a medium (meso) goal and a small (micro) goal.  Examples of large goals could be: “I want to lose 10 pounds in two months” or “I want to maintain my current weight within two pounds during November and December”.  Once you have a long term goal, the next step is to create your meso goal. This goal should help you achieve your macro goal and the time frame should last for one month. Therefore your task is to set challenging and specific goals for the month of November and December.  Examples are: 1) log 25 workouts each month or 2) run a total of 30 miles.  The smallest goal, or micro goal, is the weekly goal.  How many times you plan to exercise each week or how many times you will prepare a home cooked meal to help you achieve your meso goal. These goals set the tone for how you will achieve your large goal.

To help you achieve your goals, create an environment that will help you be successful. Use a healthy grocery checklist when going to the grocery store.  Educate yourself about proper nutrition and exercise by visiting informative and trustworthy websites.  Remember, not all websites are created equal.  Download and start using smartphone apps that log daily eating habits and workouts.  There are also apps that guide you through calorie burning workouts.  Buy a group personal training session package.  This is essential for those who find it hard to exercise on their own.  Personal training does require a significant financial commitment; however group personal training sessions are significantly less than individual sessions. The holiday time can be a slow time for some trainers and they might be running a special promotion.  Plus, you can rally your friends to join you or make new “fit” friends.

While setting your goals, think about how great you are going to look and feel and how you will be well on your way to starting the new year with a more healthier and fit you. Have a wonderful and active holiday season!

Want to lose weight during the holiday season, call 678-713-4863 to speak with one of our trainers today. Certified Personal Trainer provides healthy nutritional & fitness advice one session at a time. They are a premiere full service Atlanta personal training team. They specialize in providing a customized fitness program to fit all fitness needs whether trying to lose weight or gain muscle. Their courteous and professional staff has served Atlanta women and men for over 10 years, with results worth boasting about.

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