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Female Personal Trainer Atlanta

As a female personal trainer in Atlanta, and an upcoming leader in the fitness industry, our trainers are steadfastly dedicated to educating others on the benefits of engaging in active lifestyles on both an individual and corporate level.

Female Personal Trainer Atlanta - Ajiea LeeMy name is Ajiea’ Lee Hargrave, a certified personal trainer in Atlanta, GA. I am originally from Reading, Pennsylvania.  I attended Linden Wood University as well as University of Ridgeport earning my Bachelors in Psychology and Human Services. Currently at 26 years old. I am a collegiate gymnast with many awards and achievements. I’ve coached at national training gyms including Parketts in Allen Town Pennsylvania. I am now a full time trainer based in Duluth, serving the Atlanta Metro Area.

Of all my achievements, I’m most proud of helping clients achieve the physique they always dreamed about. I help them achieve a physique by targeting their strengths and building on them. I could not have done this without changing my mindset, building their confidence and helping them have self accountability.

With over 5 years experience, and a full time trainer since 2017 I use my Instagram  to document my clients. Find me on Instagram @ajiea_lee for fun videos, workout ideas, and motivation.

Being a student at heart, I absorbed information through my peers, as well as being able to train with top trainers in the Atlanta area. Gymnastics also played a key role in my fitness by keeping me active in the gym and being able to learn through my own experiences. In addition, I studied Kinesiology and Physical Therapy in college which allowed me to align with other professionals through fitness. I am able to my clients’ specific goals by having a one on one consultation. Whether it be toned legs, a round lifted butt, a strong core, or toned arms I can create a program to suit their needs. I specialize in weight training as well as calisthenics. Deadlifts, squats, lunges with challenging weight, are some of my favorite basic go-tos in the gym, and they allow for shedding fat while sculpting a nice lean physique with healthy muscle tone.

What I always tell women is “Weight training is not only good for men, but perfect for women because it helps with stability, coordination, and strength which is why  I emphasize incorporating weights to my clients.”


Ajiea Lee Personal TrainerFemale Personal Trainer Atlanta

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  • 10 Years Experience
  • Certified PT: NASM
    • Focus: Gymnastics, Weight Loss, Coordination Training
  • Weight Loss
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Weight Loss Program
Female Weight Loss Atlanta

Failed diet or exercise programs all have a common thread. That thread is the lack of knowledge of what you should eat and when, the difference between good fat foods and bad fat foods,  how much and if you should eat carbohydrates, figuring out if you are exercising enough and to the right intensity to accomplish your fitness goals.  It is time to stop yo-yo dieting and live the life you are supposed to live today.  We will help you see real results from your eating and exercise routines by taking the guest work out of it.  Contact me now to get started. Now offering great kids weight loss programs. Just had a baby? Call today to find out about our post partum weight loss programs.

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Beach Body in Atlanta
Beach Body Atlanta

“Body sculpting is not the same as body-building!”

A common misconception is that women “bulk up” if they lift weights.  As a female personal trainer it is especially important for me to derail this misconception.  That can’t be further from the truth! Women should not shy away from lifting weights.  We will show how to incorporate resistance training in to your workout routine to achieve the body fat reduction, cellulite removal, skin tightening, muscle shaping, toned arms and rounder butt results you have been dreaming about.

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Body Sculpting For
Body Sculpting Atlanta

Are you beach body ready?

I along with Cpt Fitness have teamed up with Beach Body to get you in bikini ready shape and to help fight the obesity epidemic.  Beach Body has amazing products like Shakeology and P90X that will help you see fast, long-lasting results.  Contact me is you want to learn more about Beach Body products or if you want to join Samson’s Sports and Fitness Center to fight obesity as a fitness coach.

Workout programs include:
Weight Loss
Personal Trainer for Women
HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training
Running / Walking
Cardio / Aerobics


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