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Woman on beach with beautiful hairLooking for Conyers personal trainers that can help you get in the best shape of your life in less time? Welcome to CPT Fitness! Whether you are looking to train at our fitness center near Conyers, or looking for in-home training services, we provide the best value and guaranteed results. We provide Conyers personal training services to help you lose weight or gain muscle. Whether you are planning on losing a few pounds to get ready for a wedding, get in shape for the summer, or simply want to improve your health our fitness experts will guide you step by step to reach your fitness goals. We specialize in;

* women’s fitness * kids weight loss * teenagers personal training

* men’s muscle building * insanity training

* ab workouts to tone mid-section * Beach Body.

Let’s face it: weight loss can be a tough challenge.

Between your job, family responsibilities and social life, it’s no wonder that you’ve let your diet and fitness needs take a backseat to your busy lifestyle. After all, not everyone has the time to cook a nutritious meal and log in hours at the gym each day!

What if I told you that you CAN lose weight, eat right and get fit – WITHOUT having to log in as many gym hours as an Olympic athlete?

Don’t bother pinching yourself, because it’s not a dream: at CPT Fitness in Conyers, this is a reality! Our personal trainers help all of our clients achieve real results each and every day!

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We pride ourselves on changing both body and mind with our unique blend of personal training, weight loss and nutritional planning programs. Our personal trainers in Conyers are highly trained experts who will work with your specific body type to get the results you’ve only ever dreamed about. And with our easy-to-follow nutritional planning program, you’ll hardly feel like you’re on a diet – in fact, you’ll get addicted to how good your food will make you feel!

Working with a tight budget? We can help! We offer group personal training rates where you and a friend can workout together to reach your goals. Simply workout a convenient time for you and a friend to train, and pay for a single training session. That’s not all! We will allow you to bring up to 4 friends with you to train at the same time. Call (678) 713-4863 for more details.

We offer:

Forget following useless online advice and celebrity crash diets that only leave you feeling hungrier than ever. Your body is like a car: if you only occasionally take it out for a spin and fuel it up with junk, then your body’s going to break down pretty quickly.

The overall aim of getting in shape is to improve how you look, improve your health and instill a feeling of well-being. A health and fitness consultant can dramatically change your lifestyle, for the better. Research has shown that an individual’s chance of success is significantly increased when they employ the services of a certified professional. An improved lifestyle, through a strategic change in diet and exercise will bring benefits that can last a lifetime.

  • Enhanced figure
  • Improved way of thinking
  • Added endurance
  • A healthier heart
  • Better skin/complexion
  • Reduced cholesterol
  • Improved immune system
  • Increased confidence


When it comes right down to it, there’s personal training – and the kind of fitness and nutritional program that’s 100% tailored to your body and needs. Besides, weight loss and nutritional planning isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal: everyone has different needs that have to be met before they can see the pounds melt off.

If you’re ready to discover the secret of weight loss, check out one our personal trainers in Conyers? We’ll be happy to show you how we can transform your mind and body with unique weight loss and nutritional planning systems.

CPT Fitness premier full service fitness team provides Conyers personal training at great rates. Lose weight save, money call 404 713-4863. Whether you are looking to train at our fitness center near Conyers, or looking for in-home training services we provide the best value with guaranteed results. We also provide fitness services to Conyers, Dunwoody, Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Atlantic Station, Stone Mountain, Midtown, Tucker, Decatur, and Lithonia.

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